New study finds the 'optimum number of people to have sex with' before you die

The "optimum" number of people to sleep with before you die has been revealed. A dating site for married people looking to find a partner on the side has unveiled its research on sexual partners after carrying out a study amongst its users. According to their questionable data, the ideal number of people to have sex with in your lifetime is, wait for it..... 12. Around 40 percent of men claimed that between 10 and 14 sexual partners is "the perfect amount".   According to the website, that number describes someone who is "sexually adventurous, liberal and transient". The research added that 70 per cent of men say having less than 10 partners indicates "sexual inexperience and a lack of adventure in the bedroom" but more than 19 suggests "someone is too eager to jump from partner to partner, or simply too selfish and very difficult to please." Let us know your thoughts on social media. More stories: Attitude’s Bachelor of the Day: Callum Aylott Jon Hamm’s bulge sends Twitter into meltdown