New survey finds over 50% of young people approve of saying 'that's so gay'

A new survey has found that over 50% of people aged 18-29 think it's okay to say "that's so gay". The YouGov poll, published by Newsbeat, asked 3,000 people what they think of certain terms that could be considered offensive toward the LGBT community. ggoi2 75% of people said that they found the use of the word "faggot" offensive, while over 50% claimed that they would ask someone to not use the word again if they heard it during a conversation. Meanwhile, 15% couldn't decide whether "queen" was an offensive term, while oddly, nearly 10% insisted that the word "homosexual" was not acceptable to use. Union J singer Jaymi Hensley, who came out as gay during his appearance on The X Factor, says that he's most offended by the use of derogatory terms when they're used by other people in the LGBT community. "People are always going to call you these names but it's about what we do, how we deal with it," he said. "I don't think people should be offended about those words, they should just say that's what you think, but this is who I am." "What offends me most about it is when we as a community will use it against our community. So a gay guy calling a lesbian a dyke - that's pointless. You can't just say it because you are from that community," he added. In 2008, numerous celebrities in the US endorsed the Think Before You Speak campaign, which aimed to raise awareness of the common use of derogatory vocabulary among youth towards LGBT people. Check out Hilary Duff's - totally iconic - campaign advert below: [youtube height="HEIGHT" width="WIDTH"][/youtube]   More stories: Gay couple bullied online after picture of them holding hands in public goes viral Listen: Adam Lambert debuts ‘Ghost Town’ single