News reporter accidentally shows a 'd**k pic' on live TV

FOX31-Facebook-picA Fox31 News reporter accidentally showed a picture of a penis during a news report yesterday (March 17) - watch below. During a report focusing on a television helicopter crash that had happened in Seattle, the news reporter was browsing through Twitter for some candid pictures of the crash when he happened to stumble across the incredibly NSFW image. Fox31 News Director Ed Kosowski released a statement on the incident, saying: "We are going to make a public statement. We are not ready to comment about any potential action against employees. That's a personnel matter." There is no word yet on whether the picture was the reporter's, or whether it belonged to an anonymous Twitter user. The reaction to the picture was priceless: Fox news Check out the full video below: (Warning - NSFW) [youtube height="315" width="650"][/youtube]