Nick Grimshaw reveals which Hollywood A-lister was 'fake and patronising' on Radio 1 Breakfast Show

The BBC Radio 1 DJ is set to leave the breakfast slot in September.


Nick Grimshaw has interviewed his fair share of celebrities during his six years as the host of BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show, and it appears there's a few stars he'd reather not corss paths with again.

The presenter, 33, didn't mince his words as he was quizzed about his numerous celeb encounters in an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine this week, branding Will Smith "fake" and "patronising" and Angelina Jolie "cold".

Grimshaw, who will swap shows with Drivetime host Greg James in September, branded Will Smith "fake nice" in a brutal assesment of the Hollywood actor's famously friendly public persona.

“He was high-fiving the receptionist and saying, ‘You’re the best receptionist ever’.  High-fiving the phone person and saying, ‘You’d better answer those phones!’ which I thought was a tad patronising," Grimshaw explained.

“Coming into an office and saying, ‘Wow, you answer phones!’... It seemed a bit self-aware, like, ‘I’m really famous and you’re really excited that I’ve acknowledged you’.”

After breanding Angelina Jolie "cold", Grimshaw, who has presented the Radio 1 Breakfast Show since 2012, went on: "'Everyone who comes in to see me is nice because they're on air, and I think , "Oh they're lovely".

"But then my producers will meet the real them, before they're on air, before they're lying to the nation, and tell me about their demands."

However, Kim Kardashian was one star who Grinshaw believed was genuine during their encounter - despite being a "bit airheady.

“She wasn’t trying to be nice, she was just a sweet, pretty girl", he recalled. "A bit airheady and taking pictures of herself, which is what she is selling. It isn’t an act.”