Nick Jonas' character comes out as gay in Kingdom - WATCH

Nate Kulina aka Nick Jonas' character on Kingdom has finally come out in a recent episode of the show. After Nate's older brother Jay (Jonathan Tucker) has done a bit of digging and putting clues together he discovers the truth about Nate. When they start to talking Nate opens up to his brother telling him, "I really don’t want anybody to know." Making it clear that he didn't know how his father would react. Jay then jokes when he says: "You don’t think he’ll be cool with it?" Nate's bigger brother then apologies to his little brother for making him feel that he could tell him, then he says: “Except, you better be on top because you’re my brother and you do the fucking. … You’re my brother and there’s a certain line that needs to be toed." Jay adds humour once again when he adds: "I always knew you were gay, you got a lot of gay qualities. You're gentle, you smell delightful, you dress well. If you turn our house into a Palm Springs pool fiesta, I’m moving out." More stories: Album review | Lady Gaga: ‘Joanne’ Shayne Ward is the latest celeb to fall victim to an X-rated video leak