Nick Jonas: 'The LGBT community has always been important to me'

Nick Jonas has insisted that the LGBT community has always been important to him. Jonas, who is preparing to perform at Australia's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras this weekend (March 7), has explained in a new interview that the "importance" of the LGBT community to him goes all the way back to when he was a child performer. Jonas "The importance of the LGBT community to me goes back a long way, probably to my childhood doing Broadway shows in New York City and developing a lot of friendships with gay and lesbian people and building those relationships from a young age," said Jonas. "To me the important thing, as I've got older, as a heterosexual male is to raise my voice and do all I can to show support for people who have been really supportive of me," he added. Meanwhile, Jonas - whose new single Jealous is out in the UK on March 30 - recently posed for a cover shoot with Attitude - check out an exclusive behind the scenes video here. More stories: Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande & Lea Michele join ‘Scream Queens’ Nick Jonas: ‘Embracing my gay fans was a priority’