Nickelodeon make history as they introduce first gay dads - WATCH

Nickelodeon are set to make history as it introduces its first ever male same-sex couple in popular animated series The Loud House later this week (July 20). The station has already featured a lesbian relationship in the Legend of Korra, but this is the first time the kids' network will feature same-sex parents. During the episode, character Clyde heads to his friend's for a sleepover and is accompanied to the house by his parents, Howard and Harold who share a hug at the end of the scene. Watch the scene below: https://twitter.com/Ieodavinci/status/754210330914324480 More stories: Mum creates Tinder profiles for gay twin sons to find them boyfriends – WATCH ‘Coming out to my wife was hard, but coming out to my family was another level entirely’