Nicola Adams 'recently bagged an audition for the role of Batwoman'

As star tells anti-gay trolls to "switch channel" ahead of Strictly same-sex pairing.


Nicola Adams recently bagged an audition for the iconic role of Batwoman, the Radio Times has reported.

Although it is unspecified what exact project the sports icon was auditioning for, it should of course be noted that Orange Is the New Black star Ruby Rose recently vacated the role on The CW series, and was replaced by bisexual star Javicia Leslie

What's more, according to the publication Olympic boxer Adams hasn't 'ruled out' involvement in the next Black Panther film. (The star had a stunt role in the first film, but had to pull out due to a boxing match.)

Addressing her love of superheroes in the interview and asked if she sees herself as a 'saviour', Adams responded: "I guess, kind of. I don't know if I was born with it or I have built that kind of fire inside myself. Superheroes are very... I don't know. I just always loved them."

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"Try harder"

She certainly displayed her fighting spirit when touching on the subject of homophobic trolls ahead of her historic same-sex pairing on the upcoming series of Strictly Come Dancing. "I've been through so much in my life," she said. "I've been through my mum and dad separating, domestic violence, back injuries, having to look after my brother when I was 13 when my mum had meningitis. So someone's going to comment on Twitter? It's nothing, it won't faze me at all."

The 37-year-old added: "It's like - try harder. If they don't like it, they're going to have to deal with it or switch to another channel."

The star - whose girlfriend is Ella Baig (pictured above) - is to be paired with Katya Jones on this year's Strictly. The announcement of their coupling drew Ofcom complaints.

Attitude has approached a rep for Nicola Adams for comment. Strictly Come Dancing's launch show airs on BBC One this Saturday 17 October 2020.