Nigel Farage: 'I couldn't care less if gay people kiss in public'

Nigel Farage has insisted that he "couldn't care less" if gay people kiss their partners in public. The controversial UKIP leader made the remarks during an appearance on the BBC's Newsnight Election Special on February 12, where he was asked by Evan Davis if he felt comfortable with the idea of two gay men kissing in a park. Nigel Farage “I wouldn’t care less. But there are people in this country that could care less," said Farage. "They shouldn’t be banned from doing it. That is for certain. If you believe in a smaller state, then this is absolutely consistent with that.” When pushed to reveal whether it would make him uncomfortable, Farage continued: “It’s not that I am uncomfortable with, for example, gay marriage. They should be allowed to have that opinion without being utterly condemned. And I do think that if we believe in tolerance, that has to be a two way street and we have lost sight of that." “If people are against it, within reason, sensibly, sensibly. But there are people out there, for example the religious Christian community and I’m referring to the active Christian communities and for that matter Muslims and all other faiths," he added. Watch Farage make the comments below: [youtube height="HEIGHT" width="WIDTH"][/youtube]   More stories: Supreme Court Justice: ‘The US is ready for same-sex marriage’ Italy rules gay people don’t have the right to marry