North Carolina governor on anti-LGBT law: It was a respect for privacy

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory was interviewed on Fox News by Megyn Kelly on Friday (April 29) and, during the interview, McCrory defended the law, Advocate reports. HB2 bars transgender people from using the bathroom of the gender with which they identify. When asked what led to the enactment of the law, McCrory said he had concern over an ordinance passed in Charlotte which added gender identity and sexual orientation to the city's anti-discrimination protections. He said, "What we did in the state of North Carolina was overturn a local mandate on private business'." "I do not want a government to be able to tell private businesses what their bathroom policies should be. I have no desire to be there bathroom police for private business." McCrory blasted the media for not reporting the story accurately and the reporter pointed out that the bill requires people to use public restrooms that align with the gender at birth. He said, "It was a respect for privacy. An expectation of privacy that individuals have, especially our youth have... they expect only people of their gender to be there... it's a tradition we have had for many years." But Kelly continued on, "I want to ask you about bathrooms, 'cause I've been in women's bathrooms my whole life, and we don't have the urinal situation." "We got, like, the stalls. And we get to go in, we go do our business and we don't see each other. So why are you concerned about young girls exposing themselves or seeing someone else exposed in a woman's bathroom?" McCrory said, "Well, first of all, I can't believe we're talking about this. This is not an issue that I started. It's an issue the left started, not the right." However McCrory did say that HB2 creates an untenable situations for trans people. "For those people who have these unique gender identification issues, which I emphasise with, we ought to allow the school's to make special arrangements for those people." You can watch the interview below: More stories Zac Goldsmith Interview: I’d use my influence as Mayor of London to lobby for PrEP UKIP’s Peter Whittle: ‘I’d love to be London’s first openly gay Mayor’