Nurse who was attacked by group of men wants to drop charges

Darnell Morgan was in Las Vegas celebrating his sister's wedding


A nurse who was attacked in a parking garage the day after his sister’s wedding has forgiven his attackers.

Darnell Morgan, 31, an openly gay nurse from Atlanta, was in Las Vegas celebrating his sister’s nuptials when he was attacked by a group of men at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino garage, News3LV reported.

He was sent to hospital with cuts and an injury to his jaw when a fight broke out after he was called a “f****t”.

Keron Cumberbatch, Eidryce Marks, Rashon Wiggins, Damion Campbell and Aaron Bob-Goldman were arrested and charged with hate crime but Morgan intervened and said he doesn’t want the men to be jailed.

He said: “The only way to combat hate is love, and if you show that compassion to others, you educate them on the gay lifestyle.”

The fight allegedly started when Marks insulted Morgan for being gay before punching the nurse and the other men are accused of helping to beat him.

Eidryce Marks

Morgan then reached out to Marks using social media and according to the Review-Journal they had a three-hour conversation about life, God and their upbringings.

“I really felt like he was sorry for what they’d done,” Morgan added. “He said, ‘Hey man, I’m sorry. I don’t know how this blew out of proportion. I don’t know how the fight started’.”


Damion Campbell and Rashon Wiggins

Morgan then returned to Vegas for the court hearing and spoke to each of the five men and received apologises.


Aaron Bob-Goldman and Keron Cumberbatch

But despite Morgan wanting to drop the charges, it remains with the Clark County district attorney.