Nyle DiMarco does summer right with lots of shirtless pictures

This summer has ranged from unbearably hot to disappointingly muggy, but there's one thing we can always rely on - Nyle DiMarco blessing us with shirtless pictures. The America's Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars champ has been living it up this summer, posting pictures along the way from all the destinations he has been visiting. Nyle took to Twitter to share his favourite snaps from his 'endless summer', and the good news is he looks as hot as ever in each of them. We just wish we were invited along for the ride. Take a look at the collection of pictures below: Earlier this month, as a gift back to his gay fans, Nyle paired up with Paper Magazine for a shoot in celebration of Pride Month. Basically, it's just Nyle in his pants on a trampoline - but it's so much more than that. It's ART people. Watch him frolic about in his pants below: More stories: German parliament voids convictions of 50,000 gay men prosecuted during Nazi era George Michael recalls the thrill of cruising in frank 2004 Attitude interview