'Oh sh*t, oh f**k' - Adele forgets lyrics live on stage, rides it out in hilarious fashion

When most pop stars forget the lyrics to their own songs it can be embarrassing - but not for Adele. The 27-year-old singer forgot the lyrics to her 2013 hit Rolling in the Deep while performing in concert at Portugal this weeks, but she styled it out in her own inimitable fashion. "Oh sh*it! F*ck, sh*t stop." Adele forgets lyrics "I forgot the words, let's do it again. Sh*t! Light's down, light's down, let's be dramatic." The crowd can only laugh and cheer her on even more as the lights dim and she disappears off stage (presumably to find the lyrics) before continuing the song and apologizing halfway through it. "Thank you so much," she says. "I'm sorry I got the words wrong." Earlier this month, Adele's show was put on pause when she helped a gay couple get engaged in Switzerland. You can watch the video of forgotten-lyrics performance below (it comes around the 0.55 mark): More stories: Watch Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato join James Corden for Carpool karaoke Watch the first trailer for Mariah arey’s new reality show Mariah’s World