Oklahoma legislator wants businesses to display anti-gay warning notice

A Democratic state representative in Oklahoma has called for an amendment to the state's Religious Freedom Act which would require businesses to display notices warning if they will discrimate against gay customers. The amendment has been put forward for HB1371, which if passed will make it legal for owners to deny service if it is "against their religious beliefs". large Emily Virgin's amendment reads: "Any person not wanting to participate in any of the activities set forth in subsection A of this section based on sexual orientation, gender identity or race of either party to the marriage shall post notice of such refusal in a manner clearly visible to the public in all places of business, including websites. "The notice may refer to the person’s religious beliefs, but shall state specifically which couples the business does not serve by referring to a refusal based upon sexual orientation, gender identity or race." Virgin's move has received praise, with Freedom Oklahoma's Executive Director Troy Stevenson thanking her for "calling out the level of segregation allowed under this legislation". He added: "If the state of Oklahoma is going to protect discrimination, then at the very least, businesses should be required to own their bias, and post it publicly for the world to see." In a Facebook message yesterday (March 13), Virgin said: "It appears that the bill is dead for this session, but we will be keeping an eye out for any discriminatory legislation that might come forward in the rest of the session!" More Stories: European Parliament votes in favour of report declaring marriage equality a human right Watch Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama's Uptown Funk dance-off