Ollie Locke and Jack Rogers step down as co-founders of Chappy

The duo have been replaced by Sam Dumas as the Global Head of Brand


Ollie Locke and Jack Rogers have stepped down as co-founders of dating app Chappy.

The dating app announced the news today (August 29), that two of the original co-founders have decided to leave the company with Sam Dumas succeeding the duo as the Global Head of Brand.

Locke and Rogers were with the company for just 18 months and Max Cheremkhin will remain as an active co-founder alongside Dumas.

In a statement, Lock and Rogers said: “Leading Chappy has truly been an honour, for both of us. We're incredibly proud of all that the Chappy team have achieved over the past 18 months to advance the interests of the community while inspiring other technology to be a force for good.

“Guided by our philosophy of kindness and respect, we launched in new global markets, reinspired trust in dating, whilst also lifting up all the communities we serve.

“We’ve made a more meaningful impact in people’s lives than we ever dreamed possible. We truly believe Max and Sam will continue to take the company from strength to strength and are excited to follow and support Chappy’s journey from the sidelines.

“The company will always hold a special place in our hearts, but the time has come for us both to refocus our energy on exciting new projects and we wish everyone involved all the very best for the future."

Dumas added: “In Chappy, Jack, Max and Ollie have created something special over the past 18 months, from building our incredible team to taking the app to its first half a million users.

“It's an important milestone that presents an opportunity for refocusing our brand and evolving our product, marketing and positioning here in the US. 

“At its heart, Chappy is about helping gay form relationships with other like-minded men looking for something similar.

“Max and I share a love and respect for the DNA of Chappy and are delighted to have such a strong foundation to build on."