Ollie Locke hits out at 'ridicule' he received for identifying as bisexual before coming out as gay


Ollie Locke has hit out at the "ridicule" he received for identifying as bisexual before coming out as gay.

The Made in Chelsea star, who came out as bisexual on the E4 reality series back in 2011 before coming out as gay last year, says he was unfairly judged for taking time to realise his true  sexuality.

In an interview with this week's OK! Magazine, Ollie admits he was unsure of how to define his sexuality when he first rose to fame on Made in Chelsea.

"It was one of the most difficult things because I didn't know my sexuality, but I wanted to put it on the show," he says. "It was a big decision to talk about it."

The 29-year-old continues: "Bisexuality wasn't talked about in the same way six years ago. People didn't understand it and people didn't particularly like it.

"The ridicule I got from not saying I was gay immediately was unreal. It was judged highly. It wasn't fair."

During his stint on Celebrity Big Brother back in 2014, Ollie admitted that that despite identifying as bisexual, he had never had sex with a man before. "I’ve always had girlfriends. I’ve seen two guys in my life… I’ve generally always had girlfriends,” he told fellow housemates at the time.

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"I’ve never slept with a guy. This is the first time I’ve ever said it on television, but it’s done. I’ve never slept with a guy in my life. I think everyone kind of assumes that I have."

Since coming to terms with his true sexuality, Ollie has thrown his hat into the online dating ring with his very own dating app for gay men, Chappy.

The app, which launched last month as a competitor to the likes of Tinder and Grindr, uses a sliding scale which allows users to specify whether they're looking for a 'Mr. Right' to a 'Mr. Right Now'.

You can read Ollie's full story in this week's OK! Magazine, out today (April 18).

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