Olly Alexander delivers moving Gay Pride speech at Glastonbury

Olly Alexander is certainly no stranger to speaking up for LGBT causes, or proudly making a statement about his sexuality on stage, but the 25-year-old outdid himself during Years and Years' set at Glastonbury this weekend. The 'Shine' singer, who sported an appropriately-themed rainbow vest to mark Pride events in both London and Dublin at the weekend, used his appearance to issue an important message in the wake of this month's tragic events in Orlando, inviting crowds to "shove a rainbow in fear's face" as he proudly professed to be "really really super gay". "As you might be able to tell by the way that I’m dressed, I’m gay," Olly told the crowd. "And in fact, I’m really really super gay…" He continued: "What I keep thinking about is how in the last year a lot of pretty scary and messed up stuff has happened. Now, as a queer person, as queer people we know what it’s like to be scared. We know what it’s like to live with fear. As part of our every day. "But, tonight at Glastonbury, I would like to ask you to join me on Pride weekend, and say ‘no thank you fear.’ To say, ‘bye fear, bye.’ To literally shove a rainbow in fear’s face. "And all I have to say to finish is, I’m here, I’m queer, and yeah sometimes I am afraid but I am never ashamed because I am proud of who I am!" More stories: Olly Alexander has a problem with the word 'twink' Olly Alexander helps man propose to his boyfriend at Years & Years show