Olly Alexander strips down to a Speedo as he declares 2018 the year of the 'thirsty selfie'

We love a new year's resolution.


In a month filled with half-arsed commitments to eat well, drink less, and hit the gym, Olly Alexander has come up with a New year's resoultion we can all get on board with: namely, more selfies of the scantily-clad variety.

The Years & Years frontman had fans frothing at the mouth after stripping down to nothing more than a skimpy Speedo on Instagram over the weekend, as he revealed he's committed to sexing up his social media feeds in 2018.

27-year-old Olly wrote, who's been busy working on the follow-up to Year & Years' chart-topping debut album Communion, showed what he gets up to in his down time as he holidayed on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

Sharing a picture of himself relaxing on the beach with a friend, the 'King' singer wrote: "this year I’m focusing on evolving personally spiritually physically emotionally and living in harmony with my authentic self and my resolve to post more thirsty selfies".

Here's hoping Olly's commitmeent to Instagram thirst lasts longer than Attitude's commitment to Dry January. Hang on in there witth it Olly, you're doing amazing sweetie.