Olly Murs 2019 Tour at the O2 in London: ‘The singer puts his heart and soul in performing’

The Essex boy proves he’s a great showman


Words by Simon Button

Ten years into his post X Factor career, Olly Murs still seems very much caught in the headlights of his own success.

He has a healthy ego and a cocky swagger, strutting around the stage like Mick Jagger but with better moves and noting how good his arse looks in tight black trousers (which it certainly does!)

But he also has an endearing can’t-believe-his-luck quality as he bolts through a crowd-pleasing set list that covers everything from ‘Moves’ to ‘Dance With Me Tonight’ via ‘Heart Skips A Beat’ and ‘Dear Darlin’.

I really like the siplicity of the staging for his 2019 tour. The lighting and video footage matches the red, white and blue of his shirt during the first half, then there’s a bit of blue in the second but nothing overly flashy.

And the band and backing singers do a bit of choreography but Olly doesn’t have a troupe of dancers and, dancing up a storm himself, he doesn’t need them.

The show isn’t a home run. He keeps addressing the ‘ladies’ in the audience, even though there are plenty of (gay and otherwise) fellas in the crowd.

There’s a sub-par latino flavoured number called ‘Maria’ that’s like a Madonna reject, a snippet of ‘Summer Loving’ from Grease that’s end-of-the-pier tacky and Murs does way too much banter that often saps the energy levels in the room.

But then, drenched in sweat from all that running and jumping and boogie-ing around, Olly probably needs to catch his breath. Nobody could accuse him of not putting his heart, soul and yes, that impressive arse of his into performing.

Like a cheeky chappy Hugh Jackman, only younger and sexier, he really is a great showman.

Rating: 4*

Olly Murs is touring the UK until June 7th. For great deals on tickets and shows click here.

Images by Christie Goodwin