One Direction is Britain's gayest act, over Kylie & Madonna

Move over ladies. One Direction have officially been named as Britain's gayest musical act. New statistics from market research firm YouGov reveals that the among adults, the former X Factor boy band is the musical act with the highest correlation to gay men in the UK. 1d The company compared British men who identify as gay to the rest of the population and pulled out the music artists that are most disproportionately popular among them. YouGov found that a passion for 1D is now the most defining characteristic of gay men's music tastes, over traditional gay icons like Kylie, Madonna and Kate Bush. 2222222222222222 YouGov explains that the results don't show the most popular artists within the LGBT community, but the artists that are most disproportionately liked by it. So what do you make of Britain's supposed new gay icons? We don't know about you, but this seems like the perfect excuse to take another quick look at Liam Payne getting his shirt ripped open on stage again... More stories: Did Surf Laundry mean to make this tweet so filthy? Steve Grand defends skimpy, ‘stereotypically gay’ swimwear