One Direction LGBT group brings fans together safely during 1D's world tour

A group of LGBT One Direction fans are trying to make their presence felt during the band's latest tour. Rainbow Direction, a support group set up by fans of the hugely popular X Factor band, aims to create a safe environment for LGBT fans of 1D who come from countries with strict anti-gay laws. Armed with rainbow flags, signs and banners, members of the group offer a visible LGBT presence at One Direction concerts across Asia and the Middle East. One member of the growing group says that Harry Styles has even taken notice: "Our seats were just good enough for them to read the sign. We held the sign when Harry came to our side and luckily, he noticed it, waved us. I wanted to be sure it was for us, so I pointed at the sign with my thumb. Then he gave a thumbs up to us too,” a 15-year-old Tokyo fan has written. RD-Jakarta(3) RD-Manila RD-Osaka “And then they left for the 2nd stage, I’ve turn my head and the only thing I could see were rainbows," said a Hong Kong member of the group. "That moment of realizing you’re not the only one there, that you have a rainbow directioners squad. It was so amazing, so uplifting. And that was one of the best feeling I had in a while, that you’re not alone, that you’re accepted." RD-Tokyo More stories: Ellen invites shirtless guys on stage for stripper-style dance battle Listen: Adam Lambert shares another ‘Ghost Town’ snippet