One LGBT person is murdered every day in Brazil, survey finds

A new survey by the Gay Group of Bahia (GGB) has revealed that one LGBT person dies every 25 hours in Brazil. Over the last year, GGB registered 343 deaths of LGBT individuals including 173 gay men, 144 transgender people as well as 10 lesbians and 4 biexuals. However, the GGB has also identified 12 victims as being straight. According to Gay Star News, some of the victims were in relationships with transgender or bisexual people while others was killed for helping or defending the LGBT community. The survey comes after Luiz Carlos Rosas, a street vendor, was killed on Christmas Day in São Paulo after he defended a gay man and a transgender person from an attack at a subway station. Luiz Mott, who collected the data, said: "These alarming numbers are the tip of an iceberg of violence and blood." 'Since there are no government statistics on hate crimes, they are always under-reported because our database is based on news published in the media, the internet and personal information." The data collected also includes suicides by victims who suffered from prejudice or discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. The organization launched the survey 37 years ago, and the new data reveals the number of crimes has been increasing over the last few years. More stories: Sydney is having its biggest party of the year – WIN flights for two! The Independent used a stock image of a gay couple for a story and homophobes lost it