One of the original X-Men comes out as gay

It's been revealed that one of the original X-Men is gay. In leaked pages from All-New X-Men's latest issue, much-loved character Iceman/Bobby Drake - played by actor Shawn Ashmore in the hugely popular  film series - comes out as gay following years of fan speculation. tumblr_inline_nn4kamK3Mq1r54my5_540 In the comic - released tomorrow - fellow team member, psychic Jean Grey, pulls Bobby aside after he makes a comment about the attractiveness of their female professor and reveals that she knows he's overcompensating to try and hide his sexuality. After initially denying it, he goes on to reveal that he has a crush on one of his fellow male mutants. XMen Meanwhile, EastEnders actor Ben Hardy was recently cast in upcoming sequel  X-Men: Apocalypse - find out more here. More stories: Gay couple bullied online after picture of them holding hands in public goes viral Listen: Adam Lambert debuts ‘Ghost Town’ single