Oprah gives anti-gay pastor his own TV show

Oprah has been slammed by her LGBT+ fans after The Book of John Grey debuted on her network this week. Starring Pastor John Gray, the show takes a closer look at his life and medical challenges, as he helps parishioners at his popular Houston church. Sadly, the pastor has a sketchy past when it comes to his views on the LGBT+ community, and he's aired his thoughts on social media on numerous occasions over the past few years. Back in 2013, he tweeted: "Homosexuality is no different from fornication, adultery, lying or any other sin God was clear about. It's all the same-4those who believe." In another post, he questioned Target on their landmark decision to go gender neutral in their stories in a bid to stop trans children feeling marginalised. "I won't shop @target again. My son is a boy. Boys like certain toys. That's not a gender or sexuality issue. You've overstepped & u will see," wrote the pastor. Most tellingly, on the day same-sex marriage was legalised in the United States, he told his followers: "The Christian President of United States believes something different from the God he serves. Anyone else a little concerned?" Should Oprah be associating with someone with his views? Let us know on social media. More news: Ireland to end religious based discrimination against LGBT teachers and health workers Celebrations as first same-sex weddings take place in Ireland