Orlando survivor dances for the first time since Pulse shooting - WATCH

Angel Colon, a Zumba instructor who was severely injured during the Orlando mass shooting on 12 June 2016, taking the lives of 49 people, has taken to the stage and danced for the first time after being shot six times during the tragedy. The 26-year-old thought he would never make it out of the club as he lay on the floor bleeding, and only survived thanks to police officer Omar Delgado, who helped pull the dancer out of the club and made sure he got immediate medical attention. Angel took the stage at the Zumba Instructor Network conference which coincidentally took place in Orlando. The Zumba instructor said: “Thank you guys so much for being here this weekend, it means a lot to me. “This past month has been the worst month of my life, but going through this there’s been nothing but love and support from everyone” Angel continued. “I remember speaking somebody before the massacre and I was telling them 'I don't have that many friends' - and a few days later this happens, and I see all this love, and I'm like 'I do have people that love me.” Officer Delgado also joined him on stage, telling him: “I’m amazed and I’m so proud of you, how much progress you’ve made. “We will always be brothers and no matter how long it takes for you to get well, I’m going to be by your side.” In less than two months, Angel has made a wonderful recovery and danced with the other instructors in the conference. You can read our special feature on Orlando and its aftermath in the new issue of Attitude, available to download now from It’s in shops now, and print copies are available to order from ORLANDO COVER   Also in Attitude’s August issue, alongside all your usual news, reviews, fitness & travel:
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