Over 40 and looking for a reboot? 40s Reboot will help you fast-track to your best body

Reboot your life, before it’s too late



For men, 40s is the dynamite decade. We have the strength, wisdom focus and drive to become the happiest, most successful, healthiest and fittest we have been. And not just for our 40s, but for the decades ahead.

Life passes by so quickly, and it accelerates with age, or at least it seems to. And for most of us, life is basically good.

We have a good job, we are reasonably healthy, and most days, we’d say we were happy. But when we pass 40 we can reach for more than this, because we hit on a unique opportunity.

We have invested, on average, half our lives into creating what we have today, and even though we may be half way through our lives, we have just as much energy, as we had in our 20s, but in our 40s, we have so much more.

We have the benefit of all that that experience; the successes, the failures, the luck and the losses.

We have the strength, wisdom, focus and drive to become the happiest, most successful, healthiest and fittest we have ever been. And not just in our 40s, but in the decades that follow.

In our 20s and 30s we are experimenting and building, developing friendships, partnerships and perhaps also starting a family.

We have tried a few jobs before settling on the one we are in today, and it pays us enough to support the lifestyle we have gotten used to.

We have been building the foundations of a life and locking down some stability. We are feeling secure, settled and ‘just fine’.

But it’s possible that if we project this life forward ten or twenty years, then maybe we are not entirely happy with everything we have built.

Is this really the job we want to do for the next 20 years? Was I in better shape in my 20s? Do I drink too much, eat the wrong food, and do I seem to get sick more often? Have I learnt to relax and have fun, or am I more stressed than ever?

We have the power to correct all these problems in our 40s. We are ready to correct them because we have the benefit of all that experimentation and building of foundations from our earlier years.

We are more determined, more confident, more capable and more aware of ourselves. But this is a limited window of opportunity.

If we don’t address these concerns in our 40s, it could be too late. You can’t necessarily make these changes in your 50s, because by then your future is locked down.

The first most important phase of a reboot takes three months. The changes you introduce in these three months become your new routines, so it goes on forever.

But it’s small changes not big ones. The 40s Reboot is based on the principal of marginal gains. In business, marginal gains is a well-known strategy to increase profits.

If a business wins a great big new account they have to spend money and energy getting ready to deliver this new work; hiring people, training them, investing in equipment, etc.

But if they sell a little more to each of their existing clients, or secure a few smaller pieces of business, then chances are the current team and processes will manage to absorb the work.

So, all the extra income goes straight to profit. No big investment, not big change, just more profit. This principle of marginal gains is how the 40s Reboot works.

We make small adjustments to our lives in our 40s, and the effects projected into later decades are massive, making us fitter, healthier, more successful, happier and youthful long after we pass 50.

It's easy to think you don’t need a reboot, because the changes are not drastic or essential. Basically, our lives are fine.

We have a good job, it pays well, and it’s secure. We are fairly healthy; our belly doesn’t show if we breath in.

We can still manage a morning jog or a gym session every week, and we can have fun with the guys every now and then.

But without a serious reboot, our 40s could mark the best we will ever be. 40s is the decade when we can ask ourselves, ‘Do we want more from life?’

It’s easy to stick with the familiar, to follow a path, which is why most of us do it, but where does that path lead?

And are we happy with the route and the destination? Are we slowing down or revving up? Time and the natural aging process is against us.

Basically-healthy doesn’t cut it in your 50s or 60s. Continuing with a life that is basically fine will lead to deterioration of our muscles and a build-up of fat.

Without change, our job may become more and more stressful, and less fulfilling. Our time could become less our own, and our stress levels and sleeping patterns will only get worse.

Without a reboot, and a few key changes that are easy to make now, we could be facing getting sick more, looking older, having less energy and basically slowing down.

If this is a future you want, then keep doing what you’re doing. Your best years could be behind you, and you’ll never feel better than you do today.

Reboot your life, before it’s too late. Don’t let old habits, time pressures or simply the passing of time allow you to miss this unique opportunity to reset your key life drivers:

Are you happy with your career and are you doing the job you want to do till retirement? If you don’t change it now, you are stuck with it for the next 20 years.

Are you happy with your level of fitness, and with how your body looks? If you don’t get fit now, your muscles will waste away, your fat levels will increase, your posture will deteriorate, and your waistline will get out of control.

Are you happy with your health? If you don’t pay attention to your diet and general health now, you are likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes, and other age-related illnesses ahead of you.

Are you happy with your life? The decades ahead should be easier than those behind you.

Have you learned to relax, to switch off, to enjoy life? If you don’t crack this in your 40s, then your best years are behind you, and you’ll never be truly happy with your life.

A 40s Reboot can change or refocus your career, boost your fortunes, build the best body you’ve ever had, super-charge your potential and stave off ill health later in life.

What you do in your 40s is the groundwork for a healthier and happier later life

Suitable for any man in or close to their 40s if:

He wants to have a better body

He either wants a better job, a different career, or he wants his current job to work better for him

He wants to stay fit and healthy in the decades ahead – to be sick less, to stay young and vibrant for years to come

He wants a better work/life balance, to learn to relax, switch-off and sleep better.

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