Parent fires lesbian tutor: 'You should be ashamed'

A mother has fired a tutor because she was worried that they could "influence" her child's sexuality, telling her she "should be ashamed". Twitter user @Elbell122, who is openly gay, received a series of text messages from the parent of a 4-year-old boy that she was tutoring "as a favour" to a friend. After discovering that Elbell122 is a lesbian, the child's mother told the tutor that she no longer wants her teaching her son because children can be "very easily influenced". "I don't want you teaching my child, it's against what I believe. Children can be very easily influenced by a person in a position," wrote the mother. Take a look at the text messages below: Despite calls from some Twitter users, the tutor has declined to release the mother's phone number, arguing that "not even bigots deserve 3000 texts of hate".     More stories: ‘The Fosters’ makes history by airing youngest gay kiss on US TV Slovenia becomes first central European country to legalise gay marriage