Part 2 of Attitude's dinner with Olly Alexander, Paris Lees & Princess Julia

With 2015 drawing rapidly to a close (and what a year it’s been), we thought we’d treat you to something extra special in time for Christmas: Dinner with Attitude! We’ve been thrilled to welcome Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander to our cover this month, and we thought what better way to celebrate how far all things LGBT have come this than to bring together pop’s Prince of 2015 with some of the best movers and shakers of Britain’s gay community. dinner 3 Attitude sat down in London’s gorgeous Hoi Polloi restaurant with co-creator of London’s queer extravaganza Sink The Pink, Glyn Fussell (who kindly hosted proceedings), legendary DJ, writer and LGBT icon Princess Julia, and trans activist, writer and Attitude Editor-at-Large Paris Lees for an evening of fun, frivolity and real talk about modern gay life. Part 2 sees the group get to the meat of the meal and LGBT issues: As they discuss Christmas plans, Olly reveals what it's like going back to his small hometown - a place where he was viscously teased and bullied for being different - as a famous and very openly gay man. The group also discuss how 2015 was the year of transgender issues, and how clued up Olly's young fans are in the wake of Caitlyn Jenner coming out - something Paris Lees believes is only the beginning of an avalanche of transgender people finally finding the bravery to publicly be themselves. If you're yet to see Part 1, in which the gang tuck into their starters and discuss everything from guilty pleasures, crushes, most rock n’ roll moments and why Christmas can always be a hard time for LGBT people, then check it out here now. Watch Part 2 below, and make sure to check back on Christmas Day for the third and final instalment – bon appétit! Remember you can still get your hands on the latest issue of Attitude, featuring our exclusive 10-page shoot and interview with Olly Alexander, as a digital download from pocketmags.com/attitude. It’s also in shops now and print copies are available to order directly from newsstand.co.uk. olly cover