Patricia Quinn 'disgusted' by Aiden Zhane’s Snatch Game impersonation

Zhane failed to embody the Rocky Horror actress despite claiming to have spent time with her.


They say you should never meet your idols – but perhaps you should also not impersonate them, especially if your portrayal is on par with Aiden Zhane’s take on Rocky Horror Picture Show actor Patricia Quinn.

Zhane, who’s struggled to impress on the current season of Drag Race, decided to choose Quinn for her Snatch Game character on the latest episode, which aired at the weekend.

But despite Zhane's claims to have met the queen the kooky queen, she struggled to make the performance anything other than one-note - a cardinal sin in Ru's cut-throat world.

She failed to impress the judges (who clocked her for not even attempting Quinn's Northern Irish accent) and her fellow contestants, and also, it seems, Quinn herself.

In a series of screenshots of Facebook posts shared on Twitter, Quinn says she was “disgusted beyond belief”, and called Zhane a “liar”, saying, “I do not know this utterly untalented person shite”.

Her comment was in response to a post from someone called Gregor Gillespie, who wrote: “I was so thrilled when I heard that one of the little bitches on RuPaul’s Drag Race was going to impersonate my bestie Patricia Stephens [Quinn’s married name].

“I was excited because he wasn’t portraying ‘Magenta’ – but he as a person and that’s what made it exciting because he had a massive opportunity to share the Magic of Patricia to a big audience.

“Well boy was I wrong. The impression was utterly insulting.”

In the lengthy post, he goes on to say that Zhane’s impersonation was the “complete antithesis of who [Quinn] is and what she represents” before signing off as “yours disgusted #littlebitch #sitdownbitch”.

In a separate post, Quinn also took offence to Zhane’s portrayal of her as a drug addict, and said the drag queen knew “nothing" about her.

Zhane is yet to respond to Quinn’s comments – but the library is open, hunties, and gurl, we can’t wait to see how this turns out...