Paul McCartney reveals he and John Lennon used to masturbate together

"It's quite raunchy when you think about it."


Paul McCartney has opened up about the "raunchy" history of The Beatles, revealing that he and John Lennon used to mastubare together during the early days of the band.

Speaking to GQ, the 76-year-old musical superstar said the group masturbation sessions the pair engaged in with friends was "good harmless fun" which he "didn't think much of" at the time.

McCartney, who was 18 when he joined the iconic rock band, recalled how he Lennon, and three friends would occassionally masturbate together while calling out the names of famous female pin-ups as the time.

"What it was, was over at John's house, and it was just a group of us. And instead of just getting roaring drunk and partying - I don't even know if we were staying over or anything - we were all just in these chairs, and the lights were out, and somebody started masturbating, so we all did," he said.

"We were just, 'Brigitte Bardot!' 'Whoo!' And then everyone would thrash a bit more."

McCartney added that Lennon, who was shot dead in 1980 at the age of 40 by a lone gunman, injected some humour into the proceedings, once calling out the name Winston Churchill.

"I think it was a one-off," McCartney said of the ritual, which didn't include fellow bandmates George Harrison and Ringo star. "Or maybe it was like a two-off. It wasn't a big thing."

He added: "But, you know, it was just the kind of thing you didn't think much of. It was just a group. Yeah, it's quite raunchy when you think about it.

"There's so many things like that from when you're a kid that you look back on and you're, 'Did we do that?' But it was good harmless fun. It didn't hurt anyone. Not even Brigitte Bardot."