Perez Hilton: Katie Hopkins 'homophobic' on Celebrity Big Brother

Perez Hilton has accused Katie Hopkins of being homophobic. The heated incident occurred during last night's episode of Celebrity Big Brother, which saw the housemates being tasked with debating a range of topics that related to their personality traits. Perezisajoke During the debate, Hopkins suggested that Perez can't take criticism and argued that he should try and "take it like a man" from now on. Perez took offence to the term and branded the controversial columnist a homophobe, asking if she thinks he "should take it like a woman?" Hopkins shouted back angrily, telling Perez: "Don’t call me a homophobe! I may be a lot of things but I am not a homophobe." Responding in the mature manner the celebrity blogger is known for, Perez blew kisses at Hopkins and taunted her for the rest of the task - despite the other housemates urging him to stop. Meanwhile, fellow housemate Michelle Visage recently branded Perez an "embarrassment to the gay community" - find out more here. More stories: Watch: Jamie Lynn Spears breaks up a restaurant brawl with a knife ‘Will & Grace’ stars to reunite onscreen for the first time in 9 years