Personal trainer Bradley Simmonds reveals how to get the perfect bum

Bradley Simmonds has become one of the fastest rising star in the fitness world. He's built up a huge following on social media, and provides a wealth of health and workout tips to his hundreds of thousands of fans every day. We had a quick chat with him recently, and the hunk opened up about some of the famous clients he's worked with, how to get the best butt and what he thinks about having a big male following. What tips can you give a guy to get the best butt?  I would start by using some resistance bands to activate your glutes. Then, I would go on to heavy squats and heavy lunges, walking lunges, deadlifts to really get those glutes working. For guys that are naturally skinny who want to bulk up, how should they go about it? The best way for guys to bulk up is to concentrate on your protein intake and carbohydrate intake. It's all about increasing the calories whilst you are training but by doing it healthily. Don’t eat high sugar foods. You can easily increase post-exercise calorie intake by taking Maximuscle Promax Lean protein shakes. You’ve got a big social media following – do you get any attention from guys as well as girls? 70% of my following is female, but I do have a lot of male followers who interact with my workouts, ask for advice and generally engage with my channels. Who’s the most famous person you’ve made work up a sweat?  Most famous person I’ve made sweat would have to be Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls, along with John Terry and Theo Walcott. They would be the top three.
There are so many workout plans to get abs in 30 days etc – is that actually possible or are we being lied to? It is possible if you stick to it. If you have the right diet and are constant with your training, doing the right exercises whilst training is extremely important. However, I would recommend doing it over a longer period of time to make sure you have all the elements on point. How many times should we be going to the gym every week, and how long for? If you want really good results, I would recommend going to the gym 5 times a week and that's a yearly basis. I would recommend being in the gym for no longer than an hour and make the training count - go hard! Is it OK to have everything in moderation and still achieve our goal body – or do we have to cut our weekly McDonald’s completely? I would say have everything in moderation but for me, that doesn’t include McDonalds or KFC at all. I really enjoy healthy food but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good treat every now and again. I think it depends on your personal goals, for me I would never include any fast food. We’ve all seen those Instagram models with washboard abs – what’s the best way to get rid of that extra bit of fat on our belly? There is no secret, it’s through burning the fat by getting your heart rate up. Cardio, HITT training, that's the best and easiest way.

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Do you think there’s more pressure on men to look gym fit nowadays? 100%, obviously it doesn’t help with social media. People like myself getting their tops off and showing their abs and people seeing that creates a lot more pressure on guys to get fit in the gym. Its not a bad thing, if it means people are getting into the gym, getting fitter and healthier. Some people see it as a bad thing but I personally see it as a positive outcome as it encourages more people to get into the gym. If you had to pick just one, what’s your favourite part of your body? My favourite body part to workout is my core because when I’m training my core I find I’m engaging other parts of my body. Also having a strong core allows me to do some more crazy and challenging stuff! Whats next for Bradley Simmonds?  I've got my book coming out the end of the year called ‘Get it Done’, containing workouts and healthy meals for the everyday person. I'm also currently in training to complete a stage of the Tour de France which I’m very excited about. Maximuscle Athlete Bradley Simmonds was speaking following the launch of Maximuscle’s new product range, helping you to get in peak shape for the summer. To find out how to get in shape like Bradley visit: https://www.maxinutrition.com/ibiza/