Petition launched calling for members of the UN to recognise and support trans rights at home and work



A petition has been launched calling for members of the United Nations to recognise and support trans rights at home and work.

For Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31, users of Amazon Alexa-enabled device in the UK were able to activate a skill to hear the story of a trans man.

#VoiceOfTrans was launched by Brand Advance & Global Butterflies and aimed to make trans issues a national talking point and apply pressure on the United Nations (UN) via a petition that listeners were signposted to on

Stonewall reported that in the UK nine out of 10 transgender pupils have thought about suicide, with half of them attempting to end their life.

The suicide attempt rate among transgender persons ranges from 32 per cent to 50 per cent across all Member States.

A survey by the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency found that a third of trans people reported attacks or threats of violence in the past five years.

Christopher Kenna, CEO of Brand Advance, said: “This campaign epitomises how voice technology can be used to transform perception and create action – impacting on the futures of 25 million people globally.

“Brand Advance exists to transform Diversity representation across the globe with authenticity, fair and transparent media representation, and exposure to global markets with global leaders.

“The #VoiceofTrans is an incredible campaign and we could not be prouder to lead the charge for change.”

Emma Cusdin, from Global Butterflies, added: “We are delighted to support this global campaign providing a platform to tell stories from across the gender identity and gender expression spectrums using the technology of Alexa.  

“By hearing stories, by having conversations and by signing the petition we can start to improve the daily lives of trans people worldwide.

“We hope that people who interact with this campaign will understand that gender is not binary but a broad spectrum and that trans people use wonderful ways to describe their gender which should be celebrated.”

You can sign the petition here.