Philippine Army says LGBT community can join, but they have to ‘behave properly’

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is now welcoming LGBT community to sign up and join the army, on one condition. According to NewNowNext, the AFP, who is trying to recruit new soldiers, promises they won’t discriminate against LGBT soldiers, as long as “they behave.” Chief of Public Affairs, Colonel Edgard Arevalo, said: “We are being asked whether the recruitment will include members of the LGBT community. Are we not going to discriminate them? The answer is no. The AFP is not going to discriminate against them. Please feel free to apply and enter the Armed Forces.” The officer than added, “But we have one recommendation.” “The moment that they apply and get accepted in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, we are reminding them that they need to act and behave with dignity and with proper care to the uniform.” He then stated that the LGBT community would be a great asset to the AFP. The decision to welcome LGBT community members comes after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte caused a stir after he called the US Ambassador to the Philippines "gay." Read more: Queer solidarity banner appears in protest of Trump’s inauguration Watch the heartwarming tale of a mother who moved to America to keep gay son safe