Pics: 'Ikonik' calendar celebrates beauty of the male form

Photographer Kris Schmitz casts a loving eye over the male form in his 2016 calendar and photo book, IKONIK, a "photographic reflection on male beauty." In these exclusive preview shots from the calendar, available to order from, Schmitz combines professional models with previously undiscovered fresh faces. "It was really a challenge -  most of them had never never posed in front of a camera in underwear or completely naked, but they all took the challenge. I am extremely proud of them," says Schmitz. Take a look at or email your order to [email protected] September Ikonik Press March Ikonik Press January Ikonik Press February Ikonik press December Ikonik PressJune Ikonik Press More stories: Caitlyn Jenner pens heartfelt apology letter: ‘Still so much to learn’ Madonna issues statement after Manchester Rebel Heart Tour controversy tropout banner ad