Picture special: Neighbours star Matt Wilson's former career as an underwear model

It'll probably come as no surprise that we've grown rather fond of Neighbours' resident gay male stripper Aaron Brennan, who stripped his way onto UK screens back in August around the same time our interest in Ramsay St. was reinvigorated. Funny that. The middle brother of established residents Mark and Tyler is played by soap newcomer Matt Wilson, a 26-year-old former carpenter who, importantly, also used to work as an underwear model Down Under. Given that Matt's stint on Neighbours is his first major television role, we thought we'd better give his CV an extensive going-over - and it's fair to say he passed with flying colours... eITgKY2 tumblr_npb8eshWxY1rjom6ho4_1280tumblr_nmdqxcDO3d1qd5q8vo6_1280 aussiebum-41 8e4140a0fce53e9b3c584e29a73248c4 a812b86ae6a96660b7cb7816d0a3cce9 matt wilson1 MattWilson1 pluZb2N d18d0ff229eb0e7f17568bcc7614c0a1 fdb3158d2e4b1f72daf94ad4f7fac0b0 tumblr_lhr0eu8ok71qhhh7ko1_1280 434071316_640 9e4e0f01e1f3239ad454e471d8cab7af tumblr_lhr0j12mSi1qhhh7ko1_1280 2b64985879c70748d79e114a8a81fb0f tumblr_lhr0bmSQHd1qhhh7ko1_1280 matt vid If you're wondering where that, erm, head-turning last still is form, it's from this glorious 2014 AussieBum promo vid: And here's one of Matt getting ready for a hard day's work: Okay, this one isn't even from Matt's modelling career he just posted it on Instagram yesterday and and it involves biceps and dogs. Can we live?! Welcome to Ramsay Street Matthew. We think you'll fit right in. More stories: Watch: First clip of Neighbours' gay stripper released Watch: Spaniards react emotionally to everyday homophobia