Picture special: The gorgeous inked men of 'Skin Deep'

With Skin Deep, photographer Danny Baldwin documents a seismic mood change within the fashion industry - one that has "seen agencies shift from representing only models with no tattoos to building entire campaigns around the elaborately inked." PRESSPACKPAGE1 Encouraging acceptance and celebrating individuality, Skin Deep features 100 black and white nude images of professional tattooed male models, shot in square format against a stark black, signature background. Curated over a year, it brings together new and established models across a range of ages, backgrounds and ethnicities, all with one thing in common – their inked skin. Thought provoking and ground breaking, Skin Deep holds up a mirror to the fashion industry and explores how tattoos act as window or a shield to the bearer’s soul. But Danny needs your help to get the project off the ground - he's launched a Kickstarter where you can pledge your support in return for great rewards. Check out some highlights from the project below: WILL@FIRST MODEL MANAGEMENT RICKIHALL@NEVS MATTHEWMORRIS@BMA LEEBO@SUPA JORDANMATHESON@ELITE JONATHONBELLINI@D1 JAKEHOLD@AMCK JACOPO@BOOKINGS DIEGO BARRUECO@ESTABLISHED BUD&AIDEN@BODYLONDON ASHER@AMCK