Picture special | The highlights from the Attitude Awards 2015

Warning: Includes photo of a certain Game Of Thrones star with some serious wood. The 2016 Attitude Awards in association with Virgin Holidays are almost back; less than two weeks until glitz, glamour, and with a little bit of luck, just the right amount of drama (we do love a smidge). Catch up on last years' antics here with exclusive backstage photos and reminders of the hottest events of the night... Austin Armacost and James Hill img_5399-min The troublesome twosome caused a stir on Celebrity Big Brother with their whirlwind bromance that has fully blossomed into a lifelong friendship. The pair took home the gong for TV Moment of the Year and spent the night by each others side (naturally), chatting and dancing the night away and even had a few moments to talk to us about their time in the house. “To see a heterosexual man and a gay guy live together in the same house for 28 days – in the same bed – was a big thing. We didn’t fall out once,” Austin (who not long ago teased his 2017 calendar with a cheeky pic) told us. “Well, we did once – a tiff. A lover’s tiff,” joked James. “It would never happen in America, not for another ten years. Look at [James], he’s got his hair products and his tanning sprays – I’d always say, how are you gayer than the gay guy in the house?” Well, whatever you use lads, it looks phenomenal on you both. Boy George and Marylin img_5487-min Best friends for years, Boy George and Marylin's relationship has at times been turbulent. However, the magic fairy dust in the air at the Attitude Awards sprinkled joy on the evenings proceedings, and the pair were acting like it was the 80's, guffawing at the past and filling us in on ways they stay in touch. “We do hang out a lot, we’ve always been friends,” Boy George told us. “Except when we weren’t,” quips Marilyn. “Most of the stuff we do together is normal stuff – go to Starbucks, that sort of thing.” We'll see you next week for an after-work catch up, boys? Boy George has announced that Culture Club will perform a one-off show later this year, while Marylin appears in our latest issue- available in stores and to download now- discussing his return to music. Vivienne Westwood and Yoko Ono img_5504-min Style Hero Vivienne Westwood and Icon Award for Outstanding Achievement Winner Yoko Ono looked two of the same backstage at the awards, copied up gossiping over, well, who knows what (perhaps weighing their insights on Austin Armacost and James Hill's legendary bromance). The two ladies, whilst sitting, stood for independence and defined their status as icons, with our Viv's speech touching on topics such as global warming, doctors, globalisation and protest marches. Proving that she has always been her own boss, Dame Westwood delivered a powerful, enigmatic approach to modern culture reminding us that we are all here for a reason, and have the opportunity to be part of something greater. Fleur East and Tulisa fleur-tuisa Two of music's finest gossiped, laughed and (it looks like!) downed some wine on the evening, cosying up in matching beautiful blue. The girls most likely gave each other pointers and tips for succeeding in the industry as both careers are set to flourish- Tulsa's new single dropped earlier this month, and Fleur's second album is hopefully due for release in 2017. Stephanie Hirst and James Barr img_5499-min Radio's finest Stephanie Hirst and James Barr were the blonde bombshells of the evening. Her appearance at the Attitude Awards 2015 marked a re-awakening to the Media, emerging after radio silence while she transitioned. James was later seen at the official after party on the decks, he couldn't keep his hands off them for one night... If you love that you do, do what you love! See James' best music picks of the month in every issue of Attitude -available in stores and to download now. Lorraine Kelly and daughter Rosie Smith img_5325-min Winner of the Honorary Gay award Lorraine Kelly brought daughter Rosie to the event. Lorraine beamed with pride at both of her achievements, and we can only imagine that smile a few days ago when Rosie graduated with a degree in Journalism. It looks like we might just be getting our wish of the legacy of Kelly's (it must be that fairy dust). Attitude's Matthew Todd and Lorraine recently caught up on TV to discuss still-existing homophobia and Matthew's new book, Straight Jacket: How To Be Gay And Happy which delves into contemporary gay culture to address a plethora of issues gay people continue to face in 2016.     Oliver Cheshire img_5429-min It was boys night for model and owner of THAT jawline Oliver Cheshire as Pixie Lott was nowhere in sight... more oli for us! The 28 year-old attentively watched the events of the evening, which payed tribute to late fashion designer Alexander McQueen with the Icon Award. A respectable night for fashion. And those are the inside scoops (the ones we can tell you about, anyway). What's that, you want more? You'll have to watch out for the goss in a couple of weeks then, won't you! The Attitude Awards 2017 will be held on Monday the 10th October in London. We'll make sure you know EVERYTHING as it happens, so watch out on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts (and follow us anyway, don't be rude).   For now, to keep you going, here's a photo of Game Of Thrones Legend Gwendoline Christie looking SO regal next to a big brown clock.gwend