Piers Morgan slams Lady Gaga for using her mental health issues as an 'accessory'

New research has found that as many as 34 million adults living in the UK have suffered from some form of mental health issue at some stage in their lives. Two in three of the 51 million adults in the UK have suffered from problems “like a panic attack or depression,” according to a study by the Mental Health Foundation published to mark Mental Health Awareness Week. The research also found that younger generations are being “particularly impacted,” and added that the situation is “becoming worse”. Despite these shocking statistics, professional troll Piers Morgan has once again taken to social media to minimise the struggle these people face in their daily lives. Piers re-tweeted the research, and wrote: "34 million UK adults are mentally ill? What utter nonsense. Man up, Britain & focus on those who REALLY need help." On Good Morning Britain, Piers continued to share his views, and even hit out at pop star Lady Gaga, saying that she "has had every problem in the world" and suggesting that she and other celebrities use their MH issues as an "accessory". During an appearance on Lorraine this morning, reality star and dancer Louis Spence hit back at the presenter. Louis, 48, ranted: “He incensed me by saying man up. It’s men like him who aren’t giving people the opportunity to say ‘look, I’m suffering from depression.” He added: “They will go back and say ‘I have to man up’ – those people are statistics of suicide.I appreciate everyone has an opinion.But this is Mental Health Week, it’s about talking.” More stories: Theresa May addresses ‘deeply troubling’ treatment of gay men in Chechnya 13 Reasons Why star Tommy Dorfman reveals how his husband helped him get sober