Pink's most iconic moments ever

She's been around well over a decade, but Pink remains as relevant as ever. The star's had a huge array of hits over the years, and she's managed to stay in the spotlight while countless other pop stars have faded away. She's feisty, talented, outspoken and an incredible role model for both men and women, so we thought to celebrate the release of her new album Beautiful Trauma (out October 13th), we would look back at some of her most iconic moments ever. Take a look below: Lady Marmalade: Honestly, name a more iconic 2000s anthem. Can't? Didn't think so. Try live performance: A true demonstration of her talent as a live performer, this is stunning from start to finish. Pepsi commercial: Britney! Beyonce! Pink! Enrique! They don't make commercials like this anymore, and this stands as one of the iconic fizzy drink brand's best Standing up to music execs: She's maintained her position at the top of the industry by taking no prisoners and standing for what she believes in, and she says that's made people think she's a bitch. But personally,  we f**king love her for it. This outfit: Pink's inspiring MTV Vanguard Award speech She might be a mother now, but if anything, that's made her even more determined to be a role model for kids who grow up feeling different like she did - and that includes her own daughter.