Police officer reprimanded after being caught on video using homophobic slur

Footage circulated in May showed the officer branding a group of youths 'little f****ts'.


A Jersey police officer has been formally reprimanded after being caught on camera using a homophobic slur.

Footage of the unnamed officer calling a group of youths "little f****ts" was shared online in May, sparking an internal investigation, BBC News reports.

Accoding to ITV News, the video showed a youth telling the officer: “Little f****ts? You just called them little f****ts.

The officer replies: “Yes I did,” prompting the youth to say: “That’s discrimination.”

The officer then says: “How is it? You tell me in your drunken stupid state how that’s discrimination?”

The youth tells him: “I’m not drunk. That’s discrimination.”

The officer replies: “No it’s not mate. Look up discrimination. If you had a phone.”

Following publication of the video, the officer was charged with two counts under the disciplinary code, and pleaded guilty to both at a hearing.

The States of Jersey Police HQ in St. Helier, Jersey

He has received a formal reprimand on both charges from States of Jersey Police - both of which will remain on his record.

States of Jersey Police said in a statement that the officer was "apologetic and fully remorseful of his comments and behaviour." 

"We expect the highest professional standards by all our staff and police officers and do not condone any form of prejudicial conduct or language," said Robin Smith, Chief of Police

"We are liaising with the LGBT community regarding lessons learnt from the incident, and how we can continue to work together to protect all islanders."