Police stormed Toronto serial killer's apartment and found a man chained to a radiator

Officers entered the building after believing the unnamed man to be in danger


Police reportedly found a naked man restrained at Bruce McArthur's apartment on the day of his arrest. 

The landscaper was arrested by police last month over suspicion that he was responsible for the disappearance of Andrew Kinsman and Selim Esen, both of whom went missing around the gay village of Toronto.

According to CBC News Toronto, the police placed the alleged serial killer under surveillance after initially becoming suspicious of him. 

On the morning of January 18, while McArthur was under surveillance, a unnamed man visited his apartment reportedly seeking sex. 

Bruce McAthur has been charged with the deaths of five men. Top row: Majeed Kayhan (Left), Dean Lisowick (Centre) and Soroush Marmudi (Right). Bottom row: Selim Esen (Left) and Andrew Kinsman (Right).

Police believed the man to be in danger and stormed his home moments later. When they entered the building to arrest the 66-year-old, they found the man naked and restrained. 

Throughout the investigation, police interviewed three other men who claim to have dated McArthur, each of whom said they stopped dating him after his sexual demands made them feel uncomfortable. 

Just this week the police found the bodies of "at least" three more victims in the backgarden of a home McArthur had worked at. He was subsequently charged for the deaths of three more men.

Police announced this week that around 30 properties McArthur had worked at will now be searched for more bodies.