Polish couple sentenced to just one year in prison despite taking explosives to a Pride parade

The couple were reportedly targeting the Pride parade in Lubin, Poland


Words: Steve Brown

A straight couple who took homemade explosives to a Pride parade in Poland have been sentenced to just one year in prison.

Last year, police in Lubin, in Poland, stopped the couple on the day of the parade where they found improvised explosives that they had made from gas canisters and fireworks.

According to experts, the devices could have injured or killed people within an eight-metre radius.

And now, the couple – who under Polish law have not been fully identified and are called Karolina S, 21, and Arkadiusz S, 27 – have been handed a pathetic one year prison sentence.

According to NFP, prosecutors decided not to charge the married couple with terrorism despite Arkadiusz confessing to making the explosives and confirmed he was strongly against the LGBTQ community.

He said: “The Celtic cross means I am for Poles, for family.

“I have a wife and normal family. My wife also has children from a previous relationship.

“She has limited parental rights, [and] together we’re fighting for those children.”

As the couple both pleaded guilty, their lawyers requested to reduce their sentence from a potential eight years to just one… which the judge and prosecutors agreed.