Polish police arrest 25 people after attacks during first ever Pride parade in Bialystok

The demonstrators were pelted with rocks and glass bottles


Words: Steve Brown

Police in Poland have arrested 25 people after attacks during a Pride parade in the city of Bialystok.

This weekend saw the Polish LGBTQ community celebrate Pride in the city’s first ever equality march and around 800 demonstrators took to the streets.

However the peaceful march saw anti-LGBTQ people pelt the activists with rocks, glass bottles and firecrackers.

Several videos online show young LGBTQ people being assaulted and some of the protestors steal and burn a rainbow flag while chanting: “Bialystok free of perverts” and “God, honour and motherland.”

Riot police were called to stop the violent clashes and fired tear gas at the crowd and wrestled protesters to the ground.