Political hopeful leaks explicit pictures and videos of himself to ensure 'transparent' campaign

West Hollywood City Council candidate Eric Jon Schmidt is taking a fresh approach to politics.


A gay political candidate in West Hollywood has published his nude photos to ensure an "absolutely transparent" campaign. 

Eric Jon Schmidt, who is running for West Hollywood City Council, has shared dozens of nude pictures and videos of him having sex on an explicit website, Gay Star News reports. 

The 51-year-old, who goes by the name Need2BNude on the website, describes himself as an "average, down-to-earth, guy-next-door type". 

He wrote: "I am the single-most approachable guy on Earth. Kind, compassionate, polite, good manners, good mid-western values, I am not a typical Angelino, I have not become one of them. And definitely not a West Hollywoodian.

"Looking at me you would never know that I'm a horny little sexhibitionist," he added. 

The news comes after a teenage city councillor from Texas had nude photos from his Grindr profile anonymously sent to City Hall and media outlets as part of a smear campaign last month.

Speaking to WEHOville, Schmid said: "I am 100% transparent. I have nothing but good intentions and I am not running against anyone, just their seats. I have nothing negative to say about the others and never will." 

"I do not think it will hurt my campaign any more than it would a candidate's stamp collecting hobby. My hobbies do not affect any other part of my life." 

He continued: "Being a performance exhibitionist is one of my hobbies. I also danced nude in Canada to help pay for college, but I loved it. I do think it will help my campaign for people who believe the human body as art.

"Plus it shows that I believe in transparency and I'm not afraid to express myself." 

Schmidt, who stated he wouldn't be accepting campaign contributions, hopes to improve public safety, expand programs to serve low income and disabled seniors and ensure a more positive approach to the city's Eastside.