'Pose' star Jeremy McClain says the Ryan Murphy show will 'save LGBT lives'

The LGBT drama has drawn overwhelming critical acclaim since premiering in the US last month.


One of the stars of Ryan Murphy's Pose believes the LGBT drama series has the ability to "save lives."

Jeremy McClain, who plays young gay dancer Cubby Abundance in the acclaimed show about '80s New York drag ball culture, says that Pose is finally help shine a light on a long-marginalised community - and that it's high time more LGBTQ people of colour were portrayed on screen, and 

"This year was a special Pride for me because we have this amazing, historic, and groundbreaking show that has literally never been seen before. To be able to be a face in that is so amazing", McClain told OUT.

He continued: "Pose is so important because it can change lives and even save lives by showing LGBTQ people of color on screen.

"I feel honored to be part of the show and to be given this opportunity by Ryan Murphy and his team to represent such a marginalized community.

"They’re finally getting the chance to tell the world their story."

Pose is just over halfway through its eight episode run in the US and has won legions of critical acclaim - it currently holds a rating on 96% 'certified fresh' rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes - but is yet to be picked up by a UK broadcaster.

McClain, who worked as a DJ and model before landing his first acting role as Cubby, added that he felt the weight of LGBT history when filming the show, which also stars American Horror Story stars Evan Peters and Kate Mara.

"There’s obviously a pressure but it’s a pressure I’m ready to take on to tell their stories correctly and to not presume to know what they went through," McClain explained.

"Every time I’m on set with these icons who lived through it, I just shut up and listen to everything they have to say about that time."

He went on: "You’ve just got to do your best. It’s hard because over a dozen trans women of color have been killed so far in 2018 and I believe last year there were 28.

"This is a very real thing that is still happening." 

Pose continues in the US this Sunday July 15 at on FX.