Premiere: A2 Productions and Mari Cray bring the party in 'Back to Life' video

Soul II Soul's 1989 classic gets a banging update courtesy of Grammy winners A2 Productions and rising star Mari Cray.


With the countdown to clubs re-opening this summer officially on, A2 Productions and Mari Cray are getting the party started early with a fizzy, infectious cover of Soul II Soul's 'Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)'.

The R&B classic, which topped the charts in the UK and reached the Top Five in the US upon its initial release in 1989, recently received a funky disco re-working courtesy of rising star Mari Cray and Grammy-winning production and songwriting duo A2 Productions, who've previously written and produced for stars including Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson and Nelly Furtado.

As we exclusively premiere the track's vibrant new video, one thing's certain: we need to get back on a dancefloor ASAP.

Speaking exclusively to Attitude about the Christian Schüssler-directed video, Mari - who rose to prominence on Norwegian Idol and later on Norway's The Voice - says: "I was blown away by this experience. Thanks to a hell of an effort from everyone we pulled this off in no time and I couldn´t be happier! I think I can speak for us all when I say that it was a lot of fun shooting this video and it shows. 

The Norwegian singer, whose lively vocal adds an ear-worming immediacy to the up-tempo cover, continues: "I am very grateful to be surrounded and supported by so many gifted, professional and hardworking people. Christian Schüssler is an amazingly skilled and pleasant director, he had my trust right away.

"The professionalism coming from everyone throughout this process was impeccable and made me feel confident that we were making a kick-ass video! I am very proud of us and very excited about sharing it with the world!"

A2 Productions - comprised of Andre Lindal and Anthony Preston - describe longtime collaborator Mari as their "flagship act".

"We were experimenting with live instrumentation with what sounded like the future, and Mari brought colour to that world – she tied it all together", the duo said in a statement.

"We’ve learned a lot of lessons that have prepared us for the space we’re in right now. It’s one thing to work with Britney or Justin and contribute to their success stories, it’s another thing to have a hand in the nurturing, growth and facilitation.

"To be a part of the journey and evolution of Mari Cray supports our long-term vision of having a label full of dynamic artist… but, she’s our star."

Watch the video for A2 Productions X Mari Cray's 'Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)' below: