Presenting 'Screamers', Attitude's ultimate guide to all your horror faves

With Halloween mere days away, Attitude today releases Attitude SCREAMERS, a fun-and-fright filled guide to all your horror favourites. From slasher classics to the new Scream Queens on the block, this digital-only special issue celebrates the new wave of horror while paying tribute to some of the scariest films of all time. Here's what you'll find inside: A_001 The Gay Appeal of Horror: We all love the willies up us. (Sorry, couldn’t resist) American Horror Story: Who’s checking into the scary Hotel Cortez. The truth behind the films: You think your favourite scary films are fiction? Think again! Scream Queens: Introducing the gang who are bigger screamers than you! Horror hotties: We celebrate the sexiest guys who kill and get killed in our favourite flicks. Freddie Highmore: The star of Bates Motel talks about playing Norman Bates. Scream: Meet the sexy cast of the TV version of this classic 90s horror franchise. Vampires: Lucas Rising: We chat to the star and director of the sexy gay UK vampire ick. 60 horror films you must watch: The good, the bad and the downright terrifying classics! All that and much more, yours to download for just 1.99. You can download the digital-only special issue ATTITUDE: SCREAMERS right now from More stories: Can you pick the Hollywood hunk under this amazing Halloween costume? Dylan McDermott turns 54: The ‘American Horror Story’ star’s hottest moments