Pride Toronto bans uniformed police marching in 2019 parade

Police officers in uniform were banned from the parade back in 2016


Words: Steve Brown

Pride Toronto has banned uniformed police marching in the 2019 parade.

At a special meeting on Tuesday (January 22), 163 members of the country’s largest pride event chose to ban any uniformed police to march in the parade where 161 voted to allow their participation.

Although a board member said the vote meant not institutional police presence were allowed at Pride Toronto’s festival, street fair or parade, they will still be providing security and control traffic.

Uniformed police were banned from Pride Toronto’s parade back in 2016 claiming their presence threatened the pride marches.

But in October last year, organisers allowed police to reapply to join the event.

This year, Canada’s largest Pride event will run throughout June with the 39th annual parade on June 23.