Professional baseball player Javier Baez poses naked for ESPN's Body Issue

Professional baseball player Javier Baez Bares has posed naked for ESPN's Body Issue. The Chicago Cubs player, 24, appears on a series of different covers that were shot in an old air-plane hanger in Arizona. “We wanted fans to have that moment of awe again where they say, ‘Wow. How did they do that?’ said editor-in-chief Alison Overholt. “This cover—and the entire shoot—turned out as beautifully as we imagined.”     For their 2017 issue, a total of 23 pro athletes, including the likes of Texas Ranger first baseman Prince Fielder, have posed naked. Its aim is to celebrate all different body types, of both men and women, across a wide range of sports. The issue launches online July 5, and will be available on newsstands on July 7.